Kristen & Michael | A White Pines Golf Club Wedding

One of the best parts of weddings is witnessing the couple’s family and friends come together. The love and goodwill present at weddings is such a beacon of light, especially with the chaos of the last few years.

Kristen and Michael’s loved ones helped make sure that the couple would have the outdoor wedding they had dreamed of. You see, there was a short but powerful storm earlier in the day that drenched the outdoor seating that was already set up for the ceremony – but everyone grabbed a towel and dried off the chairs, so vows could take place outside as scheduled without a hitch. It’s small acts of service that often speak the loudest.

The ouzo toast and Greek dancing later on in the night was also pretty loud and full of love and energy. Both parts of the day were so great!

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Allison + Garrett | A City View Loft Wedding

Allison and Garrett will always have a unique story to tell about the start of their relationship – they met at a meteorology conference! So, as you can imagine, they are big weather nerds, and apparently the feeling is mutual if the weather on their wedding day was any indication. It could not have been a more perfect July day!

Of course, the weather wasn’t the only beautiful part of their day, as you can see from the images below. We could not stop snapping photos!

We had an incredible time celebrating with Allison and Garrett, and hope they have many years of nerding out over weather together!

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Hannah + Michael | A St. Clement and Salvatore’s Wedding

Did you know that sometimes your wedding photographer sheds a few tears during heartfelt moments of your wedding day? Hannah and Michael’s wedding was one of those weddings for me.

During the speeches, Mike’s brother told a story about how, when they were little, during summer camp, Mike’s dad sent along $150 with Mike for incidentals, expecting change at the end of the summer. When there was no change to be had, and Mike’s father asked why, Mike shared that a lot of kids didn’t have spending money, so he bought pizza for them. Cue the tears.

After working with him, I’m happy to report that Mike is still always looking out for others. He and Hannah are both so wonderful in that way.

Also, a fun little story about this sweet wedding was that they forgot that they had booked a Rolls Royce (thanks to Covid, there were a few reschedules, so very understandable!). It was a great surprise when it showed up! We had some fun with it during photo time, as you can see.

Between these two stories, I am sure I am going to remember Hannah and Mike’s wedding day for a long time. Thanks for being memorable, you two!

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August 15, 2021 - 2:12 am

Sholeh - Such great captures and it was lovely to work with you!

August 11, 2021 - 3:48 pm

Barbara Kropp - Christine and staff… Thanks so very much (from the bottom of my heart) for all of your hard work, patience, professionalism, artistry and these amazing photos. Having these beautiful visual reminders of Hannah and Mike’s wedding, a culmination of such a long journey is almost like re-living the day itself. We <3 you! Barb (bride's mom)

Jenny + Michael | A Marriot Burr Ridge Wedding

Jenny and Michael got married this last weekend, and as you can tell from the lead image above, they were super excited about it! If you take a peek at the rest of the images, you’ll see those same joyous expressions from the beginning of the day to the end. Even the bit of rain we got couldn’t stop their smiles!

They came to me after a few Covid reschedules, and I’m so glad they did. It was such an honor to celebrate with them, and capture the wedding that they have dreamed of for so long.

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Mary Clare + Jim | A Chicago wedding at Salvatore’s

What a story these two have! Mary Clare and Jim met during their senior year of college at Notre Dame, but then promptly spent several years apart as they pursued their education and medical training. After that, they reunited in Chicago, before making the move to Jim’s home town of St. Louis.

Enter 2020, and not only did they have to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic, but being medical workers, they were also both front line workers (and Jim was in the Covid unit). Heroes, both of them.

Fast forward to last week – they put together an absolutely amazing wedding on Friday that was filled with college friends, and then solidified their status as amazing people by planning a fun Chicago day on Saturday for their guests (including boat tours, brewery visits, and a taco truck outing!).

Mary Clare and Jim, I hope you have a blast on your honeymoon in Montana. You guys earned all the happiness, love, and hiking in the world.

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Grace + Andy | Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club

Last Friday was an important day for Grace and Andy. They not only had a big wedding celebration at Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club (as you can see), but also celebrated their 10 year dating anniversary! This party was a long time coming, both because of their long relationship, and also because they have actually been married for a year – they had an intimate ceremony with just the two of them last summer (that I also photographed!).

It’s been such an honor to be on this multi-year wedding journey with them, and I am so glad that they finally had the opportunity to celebrate with their friends and family!

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Megan + Mark | River Roast Wedding

Megan and Mark in eight words: chihuahua parents, lovers of hot dogs, and TikTok makers. If that doesn’t tell you how much fun they are, I don’t know what will!

Like most couples over the last year, Megan and Mark’s wedding plans were impacted by Covid, and they had to reduce their initial guest count, but they still had a perfect intimate wedding. They even had a stroke of perfect luck – a torrential downpour hit right as we were getting ready to do the first look, but then cleared up almost immediately so that we could continue photos as planned. So, they got the luck of rain on their wedding day without the inconvenience!

Megan and Mark, thank you so much for sharing your day with me, and for TikToking with me at the end of the night. I’m sure we’re going to go viral.

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Jenny + Will | Salvatore’s Chicago Wedding

Jenny and Will had such a classic Chicago wedding. Their ceremony was at the timeless St Clement Church and their reception was at Salvatore’s.

Jenny and Will met on Hinge almost two years ago, and got engaged less than a year later – Will managed to pull off a surprise engagement at Millennium Park (another iconic Chicago spot, it’s a theme!) in June 2020.

While I am sure that planning their wedding was tricky during Covid times, they, along with Julie B Events, managed to put together an absolutely beautiful day. Aside from visually stunning, the day was incredible because they were surrounded by those close to them. In fact, their wedding party was made up of siblings, and friends that they had known since middle school.

It was obvious to me, both from the time spent with them, and from the fact that they have such long-term friends, that Jenny and Will are full of love and kindness. I truly wish them the best, and was so honored that I was able to capture the happiest day of their life.

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Ewa + David | Ovation Wedding

After meeting at work, these two dated for 4 1/2 years before tying the knot, so this day has been much anticipated!

Ewa and David had a beautiful ceremony at Holy Trinity Polish Church, and their reception at Ovation, where they broke out their Hanbok outfits for a traditional Pyebaek ceremony in front of their guests. For those who don’t go to multiple weddings a year, a Pyebaek ceremony is a Korean wedding custom that celebrates family and future children, where the newlyweds present offerings to their parents. I am a big advocate of mixing traditions and making wedding unique, so I loved this personal touch.

And on a personal note, I was so honored to be asked to photograph this wedding. I’ve previously photographed Ewa’s sister’s wedding and maternity session, so it was wonderful to see this family again!

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Yolanda + Cesar | Spring Lincoln Park Wedding

Yay!! Weddings are back full on in 2021 and what a beautiful way to start our season. Yolanda and Cesar had a spectacular day surrounded by their closest family members and friends. Their 2 year old daughter was the perfect miniature bride and everyone had a fantastic time celebrating the couple at Salvatore’s Ristorante in Lincoln Park. Yolanda worked with Monica from Fairytale Dream Events to create such a beautiful event filled with tons of custom details like a champagne wall. Congratulations Yolanda and Cesar!

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